The Borg Def ence Fleet
Omega / Delta / Beta           Star Trek Onlin e
Directive 01 (Prime directive)
The Borg Defence Fleet is a community in which its members are encouraged to have fun playing the game and enjoy all activities around it in a friendly community. We have lots of different members (Casual players, Role playing members, PvP and PvE players, STF players etc.) So all have fun and enjoy the world of Star Trek Online… (Members mean all our ranking officers in the fleet, from Recruit to Fleet Admiral.)

Directive 02
Everybody in The Borg Defence Fleet has the equal right to speak. Whether somebody is a recently joined member or a long time veteran, everybody's opinion will be taken seriously.

Directive 03
Commanding officers are here to help our members, not to rule over them. If you encounter a problem it is your duty as a member to address it to your direct commanding officer so that this officer can help you solve the problem. If your Fleet Commander can not help you out directly then he or she will refer you to your Fleet Captain or the Fleet Captain to your Fleet Admiral. (Commanding officers is every member with the fleet rank of Fleet Commander or higher.)

Directive 04
It is the duty of every member to guard over the safety of The Borg Defence Fleet, be it internal or external threats and report this to their commanding officer.

Directive 05
Commanding officers have the right to issue direct orders to members if our prime directive is at stake. This can overrule the third directive; the overall well-being of the fleet is placed before the rights of an individual member.

Directive 06
If a member is under the impression that a commanding officer is abusing his or her authority then the a member has the duty to report this to the fleet captain or a fleet admiral or mail the issue directly to Dan@price1987 depending on the commanding officer involved.

Directive 07
Every member of The Borg Defence Fleet is expected to handle him or herself in a mature way that is fitting to this community.

Directive 08
The Borg Defence Fleet will not engage or start a war against other fleets and will remain neutral in all cases.

Directive 09
Activity: We are an active fleet so if you’re not logged in for 1 month you will be placed on the inactive roster. If after 3 months you still haven’t logged in you will be removed from the fleet…If you’re not able to log in for an extend period but don’t want to be removed from the fleet just send a mail to Dan@price1987 explaining you’re off time and you wont be removed..

Directive 10
Since the fleet cap. limit is set to 500members we are allowing no more then three alts. in our fleet and they also must be of a different carreer then your main character.