The Borg Def ence Fleet
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As some of you may know, we have recently recieved many new members from another Fleet.  The leadership of that fleet contacted our Fleet Admirals and asked us to help work out the details and if we were interested in having them merge into our fleet.  Well we said yes and many of them came over including their Fleet Admiral Udimir.  We have made Udimir an addtional Fleet Admiral along with us We also have made the Fleet from which he came, the Borg Defence Beta.  Now the Borg Defence Fleet Beta in primarily for the many many alts that some of you have.  We recently made it a rule that no account could have more than 3 (three) alts in the Main Fleet, this way we have more room for new players... See as the current limit for Fleets in 500 Members.
ETA. June 12th
So we are adding a page on our ever growing website specifically for the Beta Fleet (much like the Omega and Delta Fleets.  Here you will be able to meet the leader and learn about them.  So once we have this portion of the site finished feel free to come on back and check it out.


  -The Borg Defence Leadership